AJ Styles

The Possibilities of AJ Styles

Certain topics always come up when wrestling fans talk to each other. One of the common scenarios goes something like, “If you could pick 5 wrestlers to start a company with, who would they be?” And for the past decade, my number one pick has been AJ Styles.

First, to for the uninitiated. AJ Styles spent much if his career in TNA. And like Samoa Joe, or Bobby Roode, or a half dozen others, AJ was completely wasted on that company. AJ is the ultimate babyface, a wrestler that makes the crowd want to cheer him, much the same as Daniel Bryan did. AJ should have been the face of the company. Instead, he was regulated to their X-division and being a goofy sidekick. Since finally leaving TNA, AJ has proven his merits as a heel, showing off a new side to him in New Japan that I wasn’t sure existed. The AJ Styles coming to WWE is a well-traveled veteran who has mastered nearly every aspect of his craft.

The question becomes,  what will the WWE do with him? (more…)