Shield Triple Threat?

A triple threat match between Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose is the biggest match the WWE has up its sleeves. The Shield was a hot act, and we’ve seen every combination of these three guys go at it, but we have yet to see all three of them in the ring at one to, to truly determine who the best man in the trio is. It’s a match that could only be handled by the biggest stages, a match that deserves to be at WrestleMania or SummerSlam. Or, apparently, Battleground.

Last Sunday, each Shield member held the WWE World Heavyweight Title. That makes a cool moment, but does little to determine which Shield member is actually the best. So the match was made the next night, Triple Threat for the championship. Not at SummerSlam in New York, but at the next event, the B-level show Battleground. There’s no doubt the Triple Threat match should be at SummerSlam. There are some potential major matches the WWE can do, but the Shield Triple Threat is at the top of the list. In terms of buzz and ring work, I’m not sure anything else comes close. Doing this match at a forgettable show like Battleground makes no sense.

Matters were complicated further when it was announced that Roman Reigns was suspended 30 days for failing a drug test. His suspension ends a few days before the Battleground event, which means he won’t be on TV to build the match. There’s no doubt the triple threat will happen anyways. WWE knew about the failed drug test before Money in the Bank, which means they made the announcement for the match knowing Roman wasn’t going to be on TV. So they must have some sort of plan, but I can’t think of what it could possibly be.

This suspension seals it for Roman Reigns. Two years of effort have gone into making Roman the biggest star on the roster. The biggest WrestleMania of all time was designed solely to get Roman over. WWE has pulled out all the tricks in its limited arsenal to make Reigns the face of WWE, and it has all failed. Now this. The Roman Reigns experiment to make him the new John Cena is over. Reigns can’t be Cena. He never could be before, and he sure can’t now. John Cena has never been suspended for a drug test, because John Cena is Superman. Roman Reigns is not. He has to return as a heel. There’s no other choice now.

Now is the time for Dean Ambrose. Ambrose has been consistently the most over of the former Shield members, yet is often portrayed as the third wheel since their break up. No more. I really hope WWE enjoys having a babyface champion that actually gets cheered by the whole crowd. We haven’t had one of those since Daniel Bryan was champ. Dean Ambrose has been pushed and pulled in so many directions since the Shield broke up. I really hope we have finally found some consistency with him post-WrestleMania, and this isn’t just a short run to build up someone else.

Though we can’t really talk about misused pushes without bringing up Seth Rollins. WWE releases a great documentary on him training to get back into shape and repair his leg that makes Seth look like someone we want to cheer. Then they, inexplicably, bring him back as still a heel. Why? Well, that brings us back to Roman. Seth was kept as a heel to give Roman someone to be the good guy against. But Roman has fucked that up.

I wouldn’t be surprised if everything changes for the three of these men after the Triple Threat match is over. Roman must be a heel, and Seth really should be a face, with Dean in the middle as the anti-hero. It’s so braindead obvious that I feel dumber for stating it, but somehow it hasn’t happened in the past two years.

Things are further complicated by the approaching brand split. I’m assuming the real reason we are getting the Triple Threat at Battleground, no matter what, is that the three men are going to different brands. It shouldn’t matter, this match is so big that they could still do it at any of the major PPV’s, but I guess WWE sees it differently.

And speaking of the brand split, Roman’s suspension will also ensure he misses the Draft that is supposed to divide the roster. How this will be handled, how any of this will be handled, is anybody’s guess.

This upcoming match should be one of the biggest matches of the year. It’s a shame that it’s going to be marked by a rushed build and a drug suspension.

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