WrestleMania Predictions

Okay, fine, here’s some quick Mania predictions.

Kalisto vs. Ryback: Kalisto
This is a toss up. Kalisto could pull off the “upset”, or they could go with the big guy. Being probably on the preshow, I’m going for nothing interesting happening.

Total Diva’s vs B.A.D & Blonde: Diva’s
Gotta get stories for that reality TV show.

Uso’s vs the Dudleys: Uso’s
I keep forgetting this is a match. I can’t possibly think of a less consequential WrestleMania match.

New Day vs League of Nations: New Day
New Day gets help to win, but from who? Likely the Rock, but how hilarious would it be if it was Hulk Hogan?

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Bray Wyatt
I fantasy booked this in my last post, and feel it’s a distinct possibility to actually happen.

Intercontinental Ladder Match: The Miz
Zayn or Owens winning is to obvious. Let the two of them fight it out in non-title situations for a while. The Miz has been criminally underutilized, so why not?

AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho: Styles
Jericho lost to Fandango at WrestleMania. He has no problem putting dude’s over on the big stage.

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch  vs Sasha Banks: Sasha
Sasha is getting the big entrance thanks to Uncle Snoop, and retiring the stupid Diva’s title for good. I approve.

Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar: Lesnar
This is really hard to choose. It’s hard to see Lesnar losing, and Ambrose loses a lot. Like, a whole lot. I’ve switched my choice several times just typing this paragraph. I have to assume big things are planned for Dean, but Lesnar is to valuable to lose another match.

Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker: Undertaker
This match makes no sense. Flip a coin to pick a winner, who knows. Bet on Shane jumping off the Cell. I do have a hard time believing Undertaker will lose at WrestleMania again, especially to Shane Freakin’ McMahon, but there might be some kind of screwy finish.

HHH vs Roman Reigns: Roman.

The show ends with Roman standing tall, the confetti falling, only to be interrupted by John Cena’s entrance music. Cena and Roman staredown each other to close the show.

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