Injury Bug

After Luke Harper was reportedly injured after an embarrassingly bad episode of Monday Night Raw this week, the narrative that WWE has an injury problem got one more name to add to the list. Injuries are a part of professional wrestling, there’s no denying that, and it’s easy to be hyperbolic whenever a few people get injured. Not a month goes by when someone doesn’t get injured in WWE, that’s just the reality of the business. I try not to feed into that hyperbole.

But damn, there are sure a lot of injuries in the WWE right now.

It’s not just the number of injured that’s drawing attention. The timing couldn’t be worse for most of these wrestlers. They’re going to be missing WrestleMania, the biggest show of the year. Also notable is the sheer number of main eventers. And we can’t overlook that these guys on the injury list are some of the most skilled wrestlers in the world.

Counting Daniel Bryan, there are four guys who have main evented WrestleMania before. John Cena, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, and Daniel Bryan have all reached the pinnacle of the business, and all of them will miss Mania this year. Add in Sting while we’re at it, as he would surely be participating if he could.

Adding to the aforementioned Bryan and Rollins, we have Cesaro, one of the most unique talents in the WWE. Neville is amazing, and the nature of his injury was just mind-boggling. Luke Harper was the best wrestler in the Wyatt Family, easily, and while Tyson Kidd may be a low man on the totem pole, he was just getting momentum when he went down to a freak injury.

That’s nine guys who are down, and there’s Nikki Bella too. No doubt all ten of these wrestlers would have been involved in WrestleMania somehow if they were capable. Sting vs Undertaker? Cena vs Undertaker? Shield Triple Threat? Bryan vs Lesnar? These injuries surely give some people a chance who wouldn’t have one before, so that’s good. There’s no chance Zack Ryder is on the card if Neville doesn’t get hurt, for example. I’m sure Ryback and Kalisto are chomping at the bit to show off what they can do on the biggest stage of them all. But can anyone honestly say they would rather watch Ryback vs Kalisto then a match with any of the injured wrestlers?

You could take the nine injured wrestlers and make a card of just them, and it would be a better card then WrestleMania is shaping up to be. Heck, let’s go ahead and do that, I got nothing better to do. Your obvious main event is Cena vs Bryan. These two killed it before, and we never got a payoff from Bryan beating him in their only match. Sting vs Orton is another obvious one, Legend vs Legend Killer. Rollins vs Kidd vs Neville in a high-flying spotfest Triple Threat match, and we’ll round it off with Cesaro and Harper in a hard hitting hoss fight.

Heck, I’d rather watch any of those matches then almost anything we are getting for Mania.


  1. I’d rather watch II or IX, any of the horrible old school WrestleManias than watch this. Even if the injury situation wasn’t there, I don’t think they could put together a card I’d want to waste 4 hours on.

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