Survivor Series / WWE

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on Survivor Series, because it doesn’t deserve a lot of time spent on it. They did manage to surprise me, as I expected the Roman victory and the Sheamus cash-in, but did not think he would actually win. The crowd, silent all night, came alive for Reigns when he speared HHH, and WWE might have gotten the reaction they wanted if Reigns had fought off Sheamus too. Instead, WWE is determined to keep the status quo, no matter what.  Crowd interest doesn’t matter, declining and record low ratings don’t matter, WWE will push on with what they believe is best regardless.

There are bright spots in WWE. I’m intrigued by the European trio of Rusev, Barrett, and Sheamus. The New Day is the highlight of Raw every week. The in-ring talent has never been greater. There are potentially intriguing directions WWE could go with lots of people. But good god there are so many problems. And it all boils down to something I’ve been writing about for a while now: storytelling. WWE does not know how to tell stories. There’s no need to get much more in depth then that. WWE won’t create a story worth analysing, so I won’t bother.

There’s a lot of non-WWE stuff out there, so this blog is going to focus more on those things for a while. WWE just isn’t worth talking about, and doing so is just exasperating. There’s at least two Match of the Year candidates that I want to write up (both from New Japan), a lot of Ring of Honor to catch up on, and a whole internet of wrestling history to explore.

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