Rollins vs. Reigns

After a pretty good Raw that I unfortunately missed most of, the main event to Survivor Series is set. Seth Rollins will defend his WWE World Heavyweight Title against Roman Reigns. I’m the first to criticize WWE for doing things wrong, but in this case, I will not. Rollins vs. Reigns is absolutely the right match, and at the right time. And while it is early to make a prediction, smart money is on Roman Reigns leaving Survivor Series as champion.

In my Hell in a Cell recap, I pondered the future of Seth Rollins. After all, he had cleared up almost all of his previous stories. He escaped from Brock Lesnar and John Cena. He decisively ended his long feuds with Dean Ambrose and Kane. He even proved himself against one of the best of the previous generation when he beat Sting. There was only one logical story left to tell, and I didn’t give WWE enough credit. I figured they would rely on at least one more old timer to main event a big PPV. But WWE Swerved me, and we are getting the one logical opponent for Seth Rollins.

Seth and Roman have been mostly kept apart since the split of the Shield, only intersecting when their paths have been forced to cross. Now, for the first time, they are on a collision course. The break up of the Shield won’t reach it’s conclusion at Survivor Series, but we’re definitely into Act 4. It will be the biggest Shield match to date. It’s the next logical step for Seth Rollins and for Roman Reigns.

I have not been a big Roman Reigns fan. I’m still not. His promos are atrocious and his ring skills are barely passable. But Roman Reigns is who the WWE is going to push. We’ve known that since the first time the Shield debuted. So they might as well push him correctly. Since his ill-fated Royal Rumble win, Roman has gotten more tolerable. Paul Heyman did his best to make Reigns look like a threat to Brock Lesnar. Roman took the pinfall at Wrestlemania. He entered into a long feud with Bray Wyatt, and finally put that to rest at Hell in a Cell. I would have liked to see him beat Cena for the US title, but since that isn’t in the cards, Roman has one just about all he can do. At this point, Roman Reigns is ready to be in the main event.

Rollins vs. Reigns is a BIG match, and Survivor Series needs a big match to main event. Survivor Series is the red-headed stepchild of the Big 4 PPV’s. It’s a Pay Per View beholden to a gimmick that the WWE doesn’t even like. A big, Wrestlemania-style main event is what it needs to stay prominent, and keep people from shelving the WWE Network until the Royal Rumble. Rollins vs. Reigns is the biggest singles match the WWE has in their pocket.

Winning at Survivor Series will give Roman a shot in the arm. He gets the credibility of carrying the WWE title. He gets his big win at a smaller stage, without the pressure of Wrestlemania looming over him. He gets revenge on Seth Rollins for breaking up the Shield. The backlash against Reigns won’t be nearly as bad this time around, as he’s not being shoved down the fans throats like last year. His rise to WWE champion has been more organic.

I have to believe that all of this is leading to a much-anticipated Shield triple threat match somewhere along the line, preferably at Wrestlemania. Keep the legends out of the main event, and let the young guys finally take their place.

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