Looking Forward

Hell in a Cell is now in the books, and it was a fairly unremarkable show. The wrestling was mediocre at best, but the important thing is that it wrapped up several storylines. We are quickly approaching the Road to Wrestlemania season, so I thought I would make a few predictions and fantasy book a little on where we go from here for a few key people and titles.

First, let’s catalog what is finished. John Cena’s reign as United States Champion is done. He’s not scheduled for another event until after Christmas, so it’s safe to say that the belt will move on without him. Several feuds reached a conclusion. Owens vs. Ryback, Rollins vs. Kane, Charlotte vs Nikki, and Lesnar vs. Undertaker all ended with definitive finishes that put those feuds to rest. There is no where else to go with any of these except perhaps a multi-man match at Summerslam. New Day defeated the Dudleys again, and even though it was less then clean, they will hopefully move on to something else as well.

United States Title: With Cena gone, the US title scene is completely up for grabs. Del Rio is an enigma at this point. Is he face? Is he heel? Not knowing makes it hard to make a prediction on who he will fight. Del Rio can work with anybody, but his matches can also be a bit repetitive. He could work well with anyone in the midcard at this point. I am hoping the open challenges continue, with either Del Rio or Owens picking up the mantle (or both). If I have to pick something, I predict a short feud with Dean Ambrose, before moving onto a longer program against Cesaro. They have to do something with Cesaro eventually, right?

Diva’s Title: Charlotte is kind of like the Roman Reigns of the Diva’s division. Less talented then many of her peers, but pushed because of her look and pedigree. Not saying I don’t like Charlotte, I do, but WWE has to be careful they don’t turn her into the female Roman. Or maybe that’s what they want. Impossible to say. Eventually, WWE may learn that the person who holds every physical advantage and always wins is the heel, not the good guy. Charlotte’s next opponent is obviously Paige, though there may be a buffer in there of someone like Naomi or even Becky Lynch.

Intercontinental Title: Copy most of what I wrote about the US title, and put it here. Owens can work with anyone in the midcard. His matches against Ryback weren’t great, but they were certainly better then a lot of Ryback matches. Owens is much more likely to lose his title then Del Rio is though. There are no immediate contenders lined up, so I’m just going to throw Roman Reigns in the mix here. Roman ended his feud with the Wyatts, and he and Ambrose hinted they had new goals. Ambrose going after the US title and Roman going after the IC title works for me.

Tag Team Titles: Unless Roman and Dean decide to go after the tag titles of course. The New Day need somebody else to fight. The Dudleys are fine as a buffer, but they’ve lost twice now, and the last time the New Day didn’t even have their biggest advantage. Some people have speculated this goes into TLC, but I hope not. Let the Dudley’s get a few wins against teams like the Ascension or Barrett/Rusev/Sheamus, and the New Day can move onto something else. Maybe a tag of Cesaro & Neville, but surely a return for the Uso’s must be around the corner as well. Whatever it is, the New Day need to stay on TV, cause what they are doing is working.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Ignore how stupidly Seth Rollins as been booked since winning the title. Ignore all the BS and the way he’s been made to look like a bitch at every turn. Instead, just look at who he has successfully defended the title against. Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Sting, and Kane. That is not an unimpressive list of wrestlers to keep a title from. In that regard, his reign has been much more successful then many others. Now that he has wrapped up every rivalry he’s been in (except one important one…), he will hopefully be given something interesting to do. He’s beaten nearly every established guy on the roster. Well, except for… goddammit, he’s going to fight the Big Show, isn’t he? Rollin’s big feud is of course against his former Shield brothers, but I have a guy feeling we’ve not seen the end of him feuding with lame duck established guys. Big Show it is. Dammit.

The Undertaker: Hell in a Cell ended with The Undertaker being carted off by the Wyatt Family. Hmmm, there are four Wyatts. The next PPV is Survivor Series, where there are traditionally four on four elimination style tag matches. Survivor Series is heavily promoting The Undertaker… yeah, doesn’t take a genius to see where this is going. The only question is who will The Undertaker’s three partners be? Kane is the obvious one. He has nothing better to do now that he is no longer the Director of Operations. With a team of Undertaker and Kane, let’s just go full Attitude Era and include Sting as well, and a special appearance from Chris Jericho. Sting turns on Undertaker, giving the Wyatts a much needed win, and setting up the Sting vs. Undertaker “Dream Match” for Wrestlemania.

Tonight is Raw, which will probably prove most of this completely off base. We’ll see what the WWE has up it’s sleeve.

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