Ultima Lucha/Lucha Underground Part 3

Throughout the season, Dario Cueto has given his warriors a change to earn Aztec Medallions. Now, in the season finale, everyone who has won an Aztec Medallion is in one match, with the winner earning “The Gift of the Gods,” and a future title shot. This is why Dario is so fascinating as a character. He promises everything, and delivers nothing. Much like how he played Drago, he plays the entire roster, dangling carrots over them that he has no intention to hand out.

Aerostar vs Big Ryck vs Bengala vs Fenix vs Jack Evans vs King Cuerno vs Sexy Star: A few words about some of these guys. Fenix has been a standout this year, my favorite masked wrestler in LU after Drago. King Cuerno was a major player earlier in the year, but has since been regulated to tag matches mostly. Sexy Star is token female wrestler that LU tries to throw in once in a while.

The smaller luchas team up on Big Ryck, who is just throwing people around and outside the ring. There are dives outside the ring, of course. Aerostar hits a HUGE cross body from a balcony above the announcers table! That was a legit 15-20 foot dive. Holy Shit indeed. Like most multi-man matches, this one dissolves into several one-on-one matches with the occasional interference. Marty the Moth attacks Sexy Star, and Davari attacks Big Ryck with a chair. Plenty of flips and dives around the ring. It comes down to Fenix and Jack Evans, and Fenix wins with the fire driver. ***

Fenix has been great all year, this is a well-deserved win. He and Mil Muertes had the best casket match I’ve ever seen. Season 2 will hopefully follow Fenix’s quest for the title.

Blue Demon Jr. vs Texano, No Disqualification: Texano is a big name in AAA, where most of the LU roster works normally. Blue Demon Jr. is an old timer who can’t go very well anymore. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure about the story in this one. Something about the honor of Mexico, and Chavo Guerrero was involved… anyways, this was a nothing match. Chavo ran in, joined his arch-enemy Blue Demon Jr, and hit Texano with a chair for the win. *

Prince Puma vs Mil Muertes, Lucha Underground Championship Match: This is the grand finale for Season 1. Prince Puma has been the only champion Lucha Underground has known, winning the belt early and defeating all comers. He main evented the first episode, and will finish the bookend by main evening the last. Prince Puma is an amazing arialist, whose body seems to defy gravity at will. If there’s one knock against Puma, it’s that he has no character other then “fighting champion.” He has been managed by Konnan, but Konnan works better as a heel manager I’ve always thought. Prince Puma is the underdog face, and has been involved in most of the best matches in Lucha Underground’s history.

Mil Muertes is a different beast. He and Katrina are a mystical death cult (or something) and Mil is a force of nature. He dominated early this season before being put down by Fenix in Grave Consequences, but he returned and resumed his unstoppable ways. Katrina bullied Dario into giving him a title shot, and now we are set for the main event of Ultima Lucha.

Puma and Muertes brawl around the arena, as Dario Cueto has said there MUST be a winner. So it’s no DQ. Puma grabs Katrina and swings her around into Mil, using her as a weapon. Puma hits an incredible spinning kick off the apron. Seriously, the way he can twist in midair is remarkable. I don’t think these guys have done anything in the ring yet, it’s all a massive brawl. Mil powerbombs Puma into the wooden ring steps, then hits Puma in the face with a chair as he tries a dive. Finally, we are in the ring.

Puma keeps flipping out of Mil’s moves, but can’t flip out of a powerslam. Puma shows some very impressive strength against the bigger Muertes with some stalling suplexes. But Mil gathers strength as Katrina holds her magic rock up high. No, really. Mil spears Puma through the ropes, sending both men through a table set up outside! Then he powerbombs Puma through the remnants of the table. Inside the ring, Puma is able to counter with several kicks, and hits an incredible 630! Muertas kicks out! He rolls out of the way of a second one. Mil hits a deadly Flatliner, but now Puma kicks out! No one has kicked out of either of those finishers in LU. Prince Puma goes back up top, but Mil hits a Flatliner from the top rope! It’s over! Mil Muertas is the new champion! ****1/2

I loved this match. It was fantastic. It felt important. Prince Puma is so good, and Mil Muertas more then held his own. The match itself was not only great, but one of the best things was how it was built up. This is a skill Lucha Underground has that the WWE seems to lack. Both men were shown, time and time again, to be unstoppable, but in completely different ways. Puma, the fighting champion, and Muertas, the demonic beast. In a way, the entire season was building to these two meeting in the ring. Which one would overcome their opponent? That is how you build an effective storyline. Now, Katrina controls all the titles, as the “Age of Death” begins.

We cut to Dario, staring out of his office window. “Dark times are ahead,” he proclaims. “We have to leave, now.” They show everyone else leaving as well. Watching Fenix, in his mask, drive away in his Firebird, is awesome and hilarious, followed by King Cuerno in his truck. An insane Marty the Moth has kidnapped Sexy Star. Angelico, Son of Havok, and Ivelisse ride off on motorcyles. Aerostar and Drago say farewell before, um, flying away I think? Pentagon Jr and Vampiro are going to a “dark place.” Then, a masked hooded figure paints a question mark over the Lucha Underground sign. Then Dario Cueto is standing in the temple as the lights go out…

Overall, Lucha Underground was a fantastic show this year. I would even say better then NXT. I am very much looking forward to Season 2.

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