Ultima Lucha/Lucha Underground Part 2

The final episode of Lucha Underground opens with an excellent video package highlighting Prince Puma, Pentagon Jr, and all the other feuds. A real high quality package, keeping up with the high production of Lucha Underground.

Johnny Mundo vs. Alberto El Patron: These two are probably the most familiar to American audiences, so it makes sense to pair them up and open their final show with them. Alberto is a much better face in LU then he was in WWE, and Mundo is someone I always enjoyed watching. I imagine both of these guys feel like they have a lot to prove to American audiences. These two were paired together pretty much from the get go in backstage segments and tag teams before Mundo threw Alberto though Dario Cueto’s window.

Mundo plays the cowardly, attack-from-behind heel to perfection, so watching Alberto through him around the arena is very satisfying. As always in the Temple, the crowd is hot, which only adds to the excitement. Johnny is able to take control without resorting to chinlocks, a lost art in WWE, and the two go back and forth. Mundo hits a beautiful End of the World/Starship Pain, but Alberto kicks out. When he is able to execute that move right, it’s one of my favorites. Alberto accidentally kicks the referee, who doesn’t see Mundo tap to the Cross Armbreaker, so Alberto wraps Mundo’s arm in the ropes with an armbar. Johnny Mundo is saved by Melina of all people, and he hits another End of the World for the win. ***1/2

There are certain wrestlers I have a hard time being rational about. Johnny Nitro/Morrison/Mundo is one of those. I am just a huge fan. And Melina… it was a pleasant surprise to see her, and for them to acknowledge her and Mundo’s relationship. After the match, Alberto attacks Mundo, throwing him through Cueto’s window in revenge. A close up shows Johnny Mundo’s face covered in blood.

There’s a telenovela segment where Dario Cueto watches Dragon Azteca get murdered, and unleashed his brother/monster from his cell. Not even going to pretend I understand what’s going on, but it is awesome nonetheless.

Pentagon Jr vs. Vampiro, Cero Miedo (No rules) Match: Pentagon Jr. has been THE standout talent of Lucha Underground. It’s a real shame his big match is against a guy like Vampiro. Vampiro never entertained me all that much at the height of his career, and that was damn near 20 years ago. Pentagon Jr has been going around, breaking people’s arms, and was about to break the arm of Sexy Star before Vampiro got up from his commentary booth and stopped him. Now Pentagon says he will sacrifice Vampiro to his unknown master, whoever that is. Vampiro comes out in awesome costume, dressed as some kind of unholy bishop. I may not like him, but Vampiro always has a great sense of theatrics.

Pentagon attacks with a chair and they brawl into the crowd. Pentagon drops Vampiro with an Attitude Adjustment on the concrete early on. Matt Striker does a good job of selling the severity of the situation as Vampiro gets the shit kicked out of him and the doctors come out. Striker doesn’t go full Michael Cole on the seriousness of it though. You never go full Michael Cole. Vampiro brings out the thumbtacks, and both of them take bumps into them. Pentagon brings out a goddamn light tube and hits Vampiro right in the face! Holy Shit! The Temple crowd agrees with me. Pentagon brings in more light tubes, but gets thrown into them, and Vampiro hits him with another one square in the face. Good god. Vampiro hits a suplex off the top rope into the remains of the tacks and light tubes. He brings in a table, and sets the damn thing on fire! Pentagon slams Vampiro through the table. Vampiro is rolling around on fire, holy shit. Pentagon gets the quick pinfall as Vampiro is sprayed down by extinguishers. ****

I don’t even know how to rate this. This was a brutal hardcore brawl featuring an old man who shouldn’t even be wrestling. Things like fire and lighttubes are often used as smoke and mirrors when a guy can’t really do much else, and a lot of times I don’t like that. This worked though. If nothing else, I rate this highly because I have to give Vampiro a lot of respect. This whole thing reminded me of Mick Foley and Randy Orton, the hardcore veteran taking some serious abuse to get the young stud over. Guys like Foley and Vampiro don’t have to do this, they don’t have to put their bodies through this kind of thing, but they do anyways. I can’t look at that as any way but with respect.

After the match, Pentagon breaks Vampiro’s arm and calls out his master. Vampiro rises behind him, and says HE is Pentagon’s master! I totally should have seen that coming, but somehow did not. It turns out when the wrestling and stories are captivating, even the cliches can be surprising. Here’s hoping Pentagon Jr, with Vampiro as his manager, has a huge role in Season 2.

Part 3 coming next!

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