Ultima Lucha/Lucha Underground Part 1

Good news everyone! Lucha Underground was renewed for season 2! Yes, on a smaller budget, but I have a lot of happy about this news. So, I’m finally finishing my review/recap of Ultima Lucha, and the first season of Lucha Underground as a whole. It will be in two parts, with part 2 coming later this week.

Ultima Lucha opens the way it has all season, with the telenovela stylings of Dario Cueto. Dario has been the best non-wrestling personality on television this year, and only Paul Heyman comes close. This opening segment is a perfect example of why. He sounds so slimy and sinister as he weaves the fabric of whatever evil machinations he is working on, able to take a ridiculous story that makes Undertaker-Kane look like a happy family. But it doesn’t matter how silly it is, Dario sells it, and sells it hard.

The Mack vs. Cage, Falls Count Anywhere: This is an odd match to open Ultima Lucha, as neither guy is a traditional luchadore, and neither has been a featured player this season. Cage has gotten a fair amount of screen time, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him pop up elsewhere if there is no Season 2. These two are hitting each other with all kinds of plunder all around the ring and backstage. Mack hits a big powerbomb from the top rope to the floor for an impressive spot. They brawl to the top of Dario Cueto’s office, and Mack hits another big slam, a spinebuster into a trashcan, before Cage gets a suplex and a siiiick curbstomp through a cinder block for the win. ***1/2

The ending on top of Dario’s office worked so well thanks to all the brawls we’ve seen around the arena this season. We’ve seen people go flying off of and through the roof of that office, so there’s a certain amount of suspense whenever people go up there.

Trios Championship Match: The Disciples of Death vs. Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Angelico (champions).

Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Angelico have had one of the most natural relationship stories I’ve ever seen in wrestling. It puts the crap WWE is doing with Lana and company to shame. Ivelisse broke off her relationship with the good guy Son of Havoc while he was feuding with Angelico. Instead of just going with the slimeball Angelico, who spends weeks degrading her, she goes on her own. But the trio is forced to team together by Dario Cueto, and they find success forced upon them. Angelico in particular has been incredibly impressive, both with working within the overarching storyline and in the ring. He’s hit two incredible dives this year off Dario’s office that should be on highlight reels for a long time. Meanwhile the Disciples of Death are faceless warriors for Catrina, who is… a witch? Maybe? It’s not really clear, but she already has the fearsome Mil Muertes under her thumb.

The story for the match is Ivelisse still has an injured leg from the Trio’s tournament a while back, leaving this match a mostly 3 on 2 situation. Son of Havok and Angelico hit a few dives out of the ring, but the Disciples of Death continue to work the numbers advantage. Angelico and one of the DoD brawl through crowd, and Angelico leaps off Dario’s office once again! Out of his three big dives, that was probably the least impressive, but those other two are incredibly hard to top. Catrina is able to revive her Disciples by raising a stone (no, seriously) before Ivelisse takes her out. But Catrina smashes her in the face with her magic stone, and there are new champions. **1/2

Injury stories are always hard to make entertaining, and they tried, but eh. It didn’t live up some of the other trio’s matches they’ve had. After the match, Catrina gives Ivelisse the, uh, Lick of Death, and I’ll need a few moments before we continue.

Drago vs. Hernandez: Drago has been one of the standouts of Season 1. He’s, um, a dragon. And awesome. He’s had some very compelling stories this season, getting banished before forcing Dario to let him back into the Lucha Underground temple. Hernandez is Hernandez. I’ve liked him since his LAX days with Homicide back in the glory days of TNA. Other then some drama with his TNA contract though, he hasn’t done much, having only a short feud with Konnan and Prince Puma. Fans are at ringside armed with leather straps, which they are allowed to use if a luchadore leaves the ring.

The fans are firmly behind Drago, not whipping him with their straps as Hernandez throws him out. They are more then happy to whip Hernandez though. Hernandez plants Drago with a big powerbowmb, but Drago spins around him with a tornado DDT, running circles around Hernandez. It’s strength vs. speed, and strength wins as Hernandez throws Drago out of the ring, into the fans, with a Border Toss. Hernandez goes for a dive but Drago spits Mist! Hernandez proceeds to get the crap whipped out of him by the fans, and Drago has… nunchucks? Alright, nunchucks it is. He chucks Hernandez, sets him on a table, then hits a big splash through it. Another splash in the ring seals it. ***1/2.

I really enjoyed this match. It was a little disapointing that these two guys didn’t fight someone more in line with their story arcs, instead just going with the good guy/bad guy dynamic. Hour one ends with a telenovela segment, about a prophecy and death.

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