Night of Champions and Looking Ahead

Night of Champions was a pretty good show. Correction, 99% of Night of Champions was a pretty good show. There was no bad match on the show. I had everything ranging from *** to ****. Nothing great, but all in all, pretty good. I watched it all, and enjoyed it. Until the end. The last two minutes made me question everything, from why they would book this story and these matches, to why do I subject myself to this every week.

For years now, when the WWE doesn’t know what to do in their main event, they throw in Kane. Earlier this year, Kane and Big Show dominated the Royal Rumble, and it made me so mad that I eventually created this blog to give my poor girlfriend’s ears a rest. The WWE’s reliance on Kane is a complete mystery to me, even if the eventual Kane/Rollins match was inevitable. There are a dozen younger, more talented wrestlers that could have been in the role of Kane. Though his promos on Monday were amusing, I have no desire to watch him wrestle. At all.

Besides the Kane involvement, I really enjoyed Night of Champions. In keeping with the spirit of a night about the title belts, let’s look at each title and see where we are going.

World Tag Team Titles: The New Day is gold right now, and the WWE would be foolish to take television time away from them. That doesn’t mean they have to keep the titles though. They next defend against those damned Dudleys at the Madison Square Garden network show. I’m not opposed to having the Dudleys as champions, but New Day needs to stay in the spotlight. Along with the Prime Time Players and the Lucha Dragons, that’s four good tag teams to continue building the division around. They need more credible teams, and there are rumors that WWE is interested in the Hardy’s again. While that would be cool, hopefully WWE keeps some perspective and keeps their young guys looking strong, and we don’t get a rehash of a 15-year old feud.

Diva’s Title: Charlotte is the new champion, which means Nikki Bella will be getting a rematch sometime. Charlotte and Nikki had the best WWE Diva’s match in a long time. That, combined with Paige’s promo and heel turn on Raw the next night, gives me hope that the Diva’s division might, might, be turning a corner. Less talk about a revolution, and more doing. Charlotte has plenty of contenders lined up, assuming she gets past Nikki again. Nikki, Paige, Becky, presumably Sasha Banks at some point. And then there’s the returning Natalya.

Nattie Niedhart is in a weird place. She’s the most talented of the old guard Diva’s, for sure, but was regulated to cheerleading Tyson Kidd and Cesaro before disappearing completely. Paige’s comment on her Monday made me laugh out loud legit. “Do you even work here anymore?” So then she comes back and… loses. Via shenanigans. I don’t know where they are going with here, but I’m hesitantly hopeful that there is a story planned out, and she is not just treading water.

Intercontinental Title: Kevin Owens is your NEW Intercontinental Champion, and it’s well deserved. Owens can have a good match with anyone, at anytime. No doubt Ryback is up for a rematch, but after that the field is wide open. Cesaro is a natural choice, and would make a great champion as well. Neville is another top choice, or Dean Ambrose. There’s also a list of midcard heels who could be up for a title opportunity if Owens loses the belt, or is able to maintain his prizefighter gimmick against a heel. In my mind, the IC title should be reserved for the great workers, and while Ryback deserved a title run, I don’t think he should win the belt back. There is another place for him though.

United States Title: In a move that shocked absolutely no one, John Cena beat Seth Rollins clean on Night of Champions. Then he beat Seth Rollins, clean again, the next night on Raw. Because John Cena can never be shown to be weak, there’s really only one person who can take the title away from him for good. While the IC title picture should be filled with “workrate” guys, I’d love for the US title to be filled with “character” guys. Ryback would be a perfect short feud for Cena to get the ball rolling again, along with guys like Stardust. There’s only one person who can stop John Cena’s reign with the US belt though, and his name is Roman Reigns.

Cena has to drop the belt sometime, which means he has to lose twice in a row. And he can not do that. He just can’t. At least, not to a heel. Because that would mean the bad guys win, and that’s unthinkable. But, in a face vs. face, mano-a-mano, may-the-best-man-win series with Roman Reigns… yeah, Cena could drop a couple matches. Roman has been slowly rehabilitating, and while there are still some things I would do differently, at least he’s not getting boo’d out of every arena anymore.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: First off, kudo’s to Sting. I had very low expectations for this match, but Sting came prepared. It’s very unfortunate he took a serious injury, and I’m baffled by the agents who thought taking two Bucklebombs in a match was a good idea. Brief tangent I had after the first powerbomb into the corner, I bet the Bucklebomb is a move Sting has never even considered having to take before. Like, even at his best, he was never the most innovative guy or in there with really big risk takers. But he went hard on Sunday, going through a table, taking two Bucklebombs, and a goddamn dive to the floor from the top rope. Best of luck in recovery Sting. If this was your last match, you went out like a legend.

So now we have Seth Rollins against Kane, probably at Hell in a Cell. Fine. I understand the need for the match, this is the story the WWE has been telling us for months now. I don’t understand -why- this is the story they are telling us, but it is. After he dispatches the Demon, I’m predicting a Sheamus Money in the Bank cash-in. And there’s one big reason for that. There’s no one else for Seth to fight. He already did Randy Orton. He did Cena. He did Kane. Maybe a one-shot match against Big Show? There’s literally no one else on the main event level, much less as a face. The Dominance of Cena has seen to that. So Sheamus wins at Hell in a Cell, and Seth fights to get his title back, slowly turning face in the process. HHH hooks his wagon up to Sheamus, which will at least ensure that HHH gets boo’d, and we get that Rollins/HHH match at Wrestlemania people have been predicting.

Meanwhile, Sheamus can fight, I don’t know, Brock Lesnar or someone. I like Sheamus, but he is… not interesting, and that’s being nice. Shoot, put the belt back on Brock, he should have enough dates remaining until Mania to show up for then once a month.

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