NXT Takeover: Brooklyn

Someday it may stop being surreal watching guys like Jushin Thunder Liger and Samoa Joe work in a WWE ring. NXT Takeover was not that day. Not only did all our favorite former independent guys perform (Uhaa Nation!), but did so in front of 13,000 people at the Barclay’s Center.

The results of Takeover: Brooklyn almost don’t matter. What matters is that a group of people who made their names outside the WWE machine, along with some who have yet to really make their name, sold out the same arena Summerslam is in. A show headlined by Kevin Steen and Prince Devitt. A show headlined by two women who didn’t just talk about being a Revolution, but showed exactly what the Revolution should be about.

There was the outside veterans, Liger and Joe, working with the newer guys, Breeze and Corbin. The debut of Apollo Crewes, who should have the rocket strapped to his ass and pushed to the top ASAP. And two kick ass main events.

But most importantly, NXT Takeover: Brooklyn was the climax of HHH’s vision. It’s proof you can have an extremely awesome and successful show without insultingly stupid storylines, without pointless filler, and without all the crutches the WWE relies on.

I don’t want to hyperbolize but this show has to be seen by everyone as a huge success. Maybe NXT is given more freedom as a separate brand. Maybe the stars of NXT are fast-tracked to Raw. Maybe Vince and Co. start taking a more vested interest in their developmental brand. The future of NXT is going to be fascinating one way or the other, and we will look back to this show as a major tipping point.

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