US Open Challenge

After last Raw’s John Cena United States Open Challenge, it might be time to retire the idea. In case you missed it, Cena and Cesaro had the best match on TV this year, and maybe the best WWE match so far. There’s only one more Raw before Cena defends the title against Kevin Owens at Battleground, and the Open Challenge should go out with a bang. I don’t know how they would top the match Cena and Cesaro had.

Cena’s US Open Challenge has been a highlight of Raw, sometimes the only highlight. The sheer number of good to great matches he has put on since winning the belt has done so much good for Cena and the United States Title. Cena continues to innovate, adding new moves to his repertoire and maybe finally putting the ridiculous notion that he can’t wrestle to bed. Look, I get as tired and frustrated with Super Cena as anyone, but I’m not going to ignore the great matches he has.

I feel like the Cena Open Challenges are going to end soon though. I’m predicting a Kevin Owens victory at Battleground. Will we get a Kevin Owens United States Open Challenge if he wins the belt? On one hand, that would be awesome. Owens could prove he can have just as good as matches with a diverse group that Cena can, and be a dominant midcard heel. On the other hand, a disrespectful Owens who only puts the title up when necessary would be fun too. Regardless, Owens and Cena should be feuding over the belt for a while still.

If the Open Challenges end after Battleground, at least we can say it went out with a bang. Cena and Cesaro did the best thing a match can do, and that’s make me doubt the outcome. Cena was obviously going to win. He’s in a feud for the title, not Cesaro, and WWE doesn’t throw us curveballs like that. But there were times that things were in doubt, particularly when Cesaro hit the Neutralyzer near the end. That glimmer of doubt, that maybe, just maybe, WWE was going to do something special, started to creep in.

Of course they didn’t throw a wrench in the gears of their story, nor should they have. But for Cena and Cesaro to make me doubt, even for just a moment, is pretty special. So I appreciate that. Here’s hoping Cesaro stays in the title picture, and here’s hoping we get more great US Title matches, no matter who is champion.


  1. Owens will be hurt badly if he loses, at this point a championship loss won’t do anything to Cena. He did his job and made the championship mean something. I’d love to see the Intercontinental championship brought back to a high standard. WWE needs to learn from this success.


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