Round Up

Lately my blog has been very WWE-centric, with some New Japan thrown in here and there. So I figure it’s time to take a look at the rest of the wrestling world and see what’s up. As a side not, I have a few other writing projects I’m working on this month, so posts may be shorter then normal. I feel like my twice a week schedule of posting has worked out pretty well for me, so it shouldn’t be a problem maintaining my normal semi-reguarl blog posts. Anyways, onto the wrestling.

Lucha Underground; Lucha Underground remains the best hour of wrestling every week. I love NXT, but Lucha Underground is the complete package. I say this with no exaggeration, but it might be my favorite weekly show of wrestling television ever. They don’t waste a single minute of their show, unlike Raw which is 75% filler. The wrestling is universally good-to-great, and the presentation… my god the presentation! I can’t sing it’s praises enough.

TNA: The only thing we ever hear from TNA anymore is how they are perpetually close to closing their doors for good. They’re strictly a television show now, with no touring or Pay-Per-Views, and are losing talented wrestlers left and right. To me the biggest sign of their problems isn’t guys like Austin Aeries or James Storm leaving, but the fact that Slammiversary, one of their few major PPV’s they still run, was completely skippable. They put all their major matches, including the major Kurt Angle vs. ECIII match, on IMPACT instead. They just show no sign that they actually know what they’re doing, and that’s a shame, because their roster is so incredibly talented, even with the recent departures.

Ring of Honor: Is one of the Briscoe’s still chamption? Wait, he’s not? Jay Lethal is chamption? Well that is extremely interesting. With that combined with their excellent recent shows with New Japan, and the emergence of Roderick Strong as a must-watch wrestler, I have a lot more interest in Ring of Honor then I did just a few month ago. I really should find the time to watch more of them…

The Rest: PWG will be running their annual Battle of Los Angeles tournament at the end of August, and holy crap that roster looks awesome. A strong contingent from Lucha Underground is the most exciting for me, but the whole thing should be great. This is going to be must watch for me.

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