Babyface Brock

Brock Lesnar is not a normal wrestler. He’s big, quick, and intimidating. He’s scary. He’s dominant. He’s a legitimate badass. He’s the most fascinating wrestler to appear on WWE television in years, because you never know what he will do. He’s the only wrestler who could threaten to take over the show and have it actually be believable. Remember Monday Night Raw Starring Brock Lesnar? Yeah, Lesnar is unique in a world of superhero babyfaces and cowardly heels, Brock Lesnar is a rampaging monster who fears no one and has no alignment except to himself.

And on Monday he was made to look like a bitch.

I’m not going to condemn the booking just yet. I’ll wait to see how it plays out. But the Lesnar beat down on Monday by Seth Rollins, J&J Security, and Kane (Kane! In 2015! Goddamn Kane!) was, in a word, typical. It’s typical WWE booking. Have the heroic babyface beat down and injured by the despicable heels so the good guy can overcome the odds in victory. We’ve seen it with recently with John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, and Dean Ambrose. It’s WWE Booking 101, and goes back to the beginning of the company. Build your stories about a dominant babyface (Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan) who has the odds against him every time. It seems the be the only way WWE knows how to book a babyface.

But Lesnar is not your typical babyface. Lesnar is a beast. Lesnar is unstoppable. And that’s why people love him. That’s why people cheer for him. Not because WWE has proclaimed him to be a face, but because people love watching Lesnar kill bitches. And right now, Seth Rollins is the king bitch. He’s a perfect slimy heel, and the crowd is clamoring for Rollins to get his comeuppance from Lesnar.

But WWE Booking 101 says the babyface has to overcome the odds. So instead of doing something to show off Lesnar’s dominance, we get a segment to make us feel sympathetic to him. Sympathetic. To Brock Lesnar. The most dominant guy in the WWE. I don’t want to feel sympathetic to Lesnar. I want to watch him throw people around. I want to watch him be dominant. Because that’s what makes Lesnar special. Take that away, and Lesnar is no different from John Cena or any other babyface.

I get why they did it. Rollins is never going to match Lesnar physically, so they want to even the odds to make it feasible for Rollins to win. So WWE goes back to what it always does. Rather then make the heel look strong, they make the face weak. Rollins could have gotten strong wins over top guys to make him intimidating. He could have attacked Paul Heyman to get to Lesnar mentally. Instead, he did the same thing all WWE heels do to all WWE babyfaces. And I hate it.

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