Quick Takes

I have about a half dozen ideas for articles floating around in half-formed fragments. Since none of them are ready for putting on the blog, and I need an article today so I don’t fall out of the habit of posting, this will be a quick post on a few different topics.

Money In The Bank.
The next WWE pay-per-vew is…In one week? Really? Huh. There are three matches worth talking about, the most obvious being the MITB match itself. It’s a pretty weak match, with Roman Reigns a heavy, and boring, favorite. There isn’t enough time to build anyone else to be a contender. I would love a strong showing from Kofi, to hit while the New Day iron is hot, but this will probably be Reigns overcoming the odds. History repeats itself, we’ll see if the crowd reaction does as well.

Owens vs. Cena
I wish they were giving this match more time to settle. Instead, Cena gets an immediate rematch for indeterminate reasons. Seriously, why are we having this match besides as a way for Cena to get his win back? There’s no internal logic for this match to happen. Hopefully Owens gets the last word in on Raw tomorrow. The fact that Cena completely ignored losing clean hurts Owens perception with fans more then if Owens had lost the match.

Ambrose vs. Rollins
A ladder match between these two should be excellent. Hopefully shenanigans are kept to a minimum and they are allowed to have a killer match. I’m curious if this will main event or not. If MITB main events, you can be sure Reigns is winning.

Best of the Super Jr’s
NJPW just wrapped up it’s annual Best of the Super Jr’s tournament, and it was fine. I loved the international flavor of it, with half the participants not being from Japan. It gave otherwise lackluster matches a bit of flavor as Mexican, European, and American styles clashed with the Japanese. That being said, there weren’t really any great, must-see matches until the finals between KUSHIDA and Kyle OReilly. They had a potential Match of the Year candidate, that reminds me of the Banks vs. Lynch match from NXT with all the arm work. I’ll have to rewatch it to decide how much I really liked it, but the first impression was a strong one.

New Japan G1 Climax
New Japan also released the roster for the annual G1 tournament, and it’s… a little disappointing. Unlike the Super Jr’s tournament, this one is heavily focused on the standard New Japan talent. Only Ring of Honor wrestler Michael Elgin is not a featured guy. So we’re going to have a lot of matches we’ve seen before, sometimes many many times. I’m sure it will be great, but there was a lot of hope for a few more Ring of Honor guys, maybe someone from CMLL is Mexico, or even a fresh face from rival promotion NOAH. Instead we get Bullet Club jobbers. Ah well.

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