The WWE main event scene is in a weird flux right now. The champ is Seth Rollins, an unproven main eventer. Roman Reigns is an even more unproven main eventer. The proven main eventers like John Cena and Daniel Bryan are trying to prop up the secondary titles or perpetually recovering from injury. Other proven main eventers are either on hiatus, like Brock Lesnar, or never coming back, like CM Punk. The WWE spent so many years relying on John Cena has THE guy, and they are reaping what they sowed, with a bare bones main event scene. Which is why we get main events focused around The Big Show and Kane, guys who are proven, but well past their prime. The only proven main event guy in the main event right now is Randy Orton, and I’m not a big fan of his.

My point being, the main event is boring right now. I turned off Raw last week when it was main event time, because I just don’t care. I want to care about Rollins as champion, but as long as he’s with Kane, I won’t care. As long as he’s fighting Orton, I just won’t care. If WWE doesn’t want Rollin’s first title reign to be meaningless, they need to get him in a decent feud, and I don’t see that happening. Fortunately, there’s plenty of bright spots on the WWE card. It’s all just hidden in the midcard.

I wrote last time about the King of the Ring tournament. I think it’s a great thing to do when you have such a talented midcard with nothing to do. The tournament played out pretty much like I thought it would, and that’s not a bad thing. I’m not a huge fan of Bad News Barrett, but he will work the king gimmick well, and Neville looked great through the whole tournament. Take any combination of Neville, Barrett, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, and Luke Harper, and give them a simple story, and they will make it must watch wrestling.

An important part of the midcard is the tag team division. With the emergence of The New Day as cowardly heels, that division got a shot in the arm it desperately needed. I’ve lamented about the state of Cesaro plenty. Plain and simple, he should be a main event guy. But his team with Tyson Kidd is highly entertaining, and with the Lucha Dragons in the mix, the tag team division has three extremely varied teams to build around. These guys can mix it up however is needed, along with any of the midcard guys from the previous paragraph, and really put on some great matches.

The midcard title scene is a bit twisted right now. Daniel Bryan is recovering from injury, again, and you have to wonder how much patience there is for that, with management, the fans, and Bryan himself. Cena has been feuding with Rusev for months now, and unless Rusev wins the U.S. Title at Payback, it will be hard to see the point of their feud. Then there are the outliers, guys like Ryback or Bray Wyatt, who certainly have their strengths as wrestlers, and provide valuable roles.

Maybe more importantly, there’s no clutter in the midcard. No one like Kane is there, weighing everything down. The lesser players, guys like R-Truth, do their business, provide some mild entertainment, then get out of the way. This is what we need in our main event. If even a few of the guys from this post make it up to the main event spots by the end of the summer, it will be a much more interesting main event scene.

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