The Extreme Rules Conundrum

Extreme Rules is this Sunday, and normally that means I’d be in front of my television with the WWE network ready to go an hour before hand. But I’m having a hard time getting too excited about it. Some of that is because Game of Thrones is on at the same time. In order to get my attention away from GoT, WWE would have to bring their A game. Instead we get Pay Per View: The Rematch.

Rollins vs. Orton part 2. Cena vs. Rusev part 3. Roman Reigns vs. The Big Show part eleventy billion. I’ve seen these matches. Some of them I’ve seen a lot. Some of them I don’t want to see again. You know what I haven’t seen? Episode 3 of Game of Thrones. Guess what I’m watching live? Bless the WWE Network, for allowing me to go watch this stuff later while more interesting things are on my TV. I don’t think that was their intended purpose in creating the Network.

Extreme Rules might very well be a good show. I enjoyed Cena and Rusev’s matches. Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose will have an entertaining brawl. Cesaro and Kidd vs. The New Day should be excellent. I will probably enjoy watching those matches, I just don’t care about any of those matches. Part of it is the gimmicks involved. You know what you’re going to get from all of these matches before they happen. Or rather, what we don’t get. No blood. No head shots. Nothing stiff or particularly innovative. And while I don’t think blood or blows to the head or falling really high through a table are particularly necessary, the threat of these things adds intrigue to a match that just isn’t there these days.

I’ll watch Extreme Rules. I’ll probably enjoy Extreme Rules. But I have Lucha Underground, NXT, a New Japan house show, and Summerslam 1988 to watch first. And, of course, Game of Thrones.

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