Top Ten

Anything interesting going on yet? No? Damn. So I guess I’ll write out my Top Ten Wrestlers of 2015 so far. These are the guys I have enjoyed the most this year, not necessarily guys who have had the best year, though those two things often go hand in hand.

1. Brock Lesnar
Lesnar had only had two matches this year, but one of them was a potential Match of the Year, and the other was the main event of Wrestlemania. That’s a pretty good first three months by anyone’s definition. He made the Mania match better then it had any right to be. I could watch Lesnar throw people around all day, and it’s a bummer he probably won’t be back around until Summerslam.

2. Tomohiro Ishii
Ishii is a take no prisoners badass. He was the first New Japan guy that made me take notice of the brand, that this might be something different and worth watching. He defines the New Japan NEVER championship as a hard-hitting champion, someone who isn’t scared of anyone but will beat the shit of you regardless of who you are.
3. Kevin Owens
Huh, I could pretty much write the same paragraph for each of the first three guys on my list. Owens is the NXT equivalent, a bad ass who will beat the crap out of you just for getting in the ring with him. He’s also awesome on Twitter, for what that’s worth. There’s no reason Owens shouldn’t be a top heel/antihero of WWE for a long time to come.
4. Seth Rollins
And joining him should be Seth Rollins. Rollins has made a surprisingly effective heel. I was pretty sure Rollins was going to be a sacrificial babyface when the Shield broke up, but he has turned up the sliminess and made Wrestlemania 31 something to remember. Not to mention having great matches with damn near everyone.
5. Dario Cueto
The only non-wrestler to make my list. As the authority figure of Lucha Underground, Cueto has been the one thing to tie all the shows together. He pretty damn evil, but he’s also pretty damn entertaining, and at least he’s fair. Unlike the Authority or the Corporation or other evil authority figures, Cueto screws over everyone, all for the betterment of Lucha Underground.
6. John Cena
Here’s a secret. I don’t hate John Cena. Look, he even made my list! I get tired of his gimmick, but he has damn good matches with just about everyone. His feud with Rusev has been one of the better storylines played out on WWE television, and he was involved in the awesome title match at the Royal Rumble.
7. Tomoaki Honma
Honma is a jobber who doesn’t know he’s a jobber, a guy who goes out there and puts everything on the line every time he steps into the ring. His match with Ishii in February is a favorite of mine, and he’s arguably the most popular person in New Japan. His Kokeshi headbutt is the most over move in wrestling, and the fact that he almost never hits it just makes it more special when he does.
8. Fenix
There are a lot of great wrestlers on Lucha Underground, but with only having an hour of television, you only see most of them once every other week or so, so it’s hard for some of them to make an impression. One who stood out to me was Fenix, and his feud with Mil Muertes. Their Casket match was probably the best Casket Match ever, and Fenix has been a star of the show for this first season.
9. Toru Yano
Yano is on here solely for his feud against Tanahashi in New Japan. Imagine someone like Heath Slater beating John Cena, then rubbing it in his face at every opportunity, and avoiding retribution for weeks. Every time they get in the ring together, Yano gets away, continuing the mock the number one guy in New Japan. Comeuppance is coming, but until then, Yano continues to be entertaining as hell.
10. Tyler Breeze
My second favorite guy in NXT isn’t one of the NXT 5. Oh no, it’s the male model Tyler Breeze. Breeze has bought into his gimmick wholeheartedly, and good things happen when wrestlers do that. He’s more then capable in the ring, and with the Miz moving away from his movie star gimmick, there might be room for Breeze on the main roster sooner then later.

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