State of Lucha Underground

Since I started this blog, I’ve started to watch Lucha Underground on a regular basis. And I love it. Absolutely love it. It’s an incredibly unique style of wrestling show with high quality presentation not normally seen in a non-WWE show.

The first thing noticeably different about it is the format. The opening promo that Raw always opens with is here as well, only done more like a TV show, heavily influenced by telenovelas. Rather then watch a wrestler stand in the ring and talk, there are multiple cameras with dramatic angles, background music that swells as the scene climaxes, and the utter awesomeness of Dario Cueto. It’s cheesy at first, but it’s an enjoyable cheese, and the presentation quickly becomes second nature. Many of the wrestlers follow this style with their characters, from an undead demon to a revenge seeking femme fatale. They fit right at home in the world Lucha Underground has created.

There are normal characters as well, and many of them may be familiar to some viewers. The two biggest names for the American audience would be Alberto El Patron and Johnny Muendo, formerly Alberto Del Rio and Johnny Nitro/John Morrison. Rey Mysterio has been rumored to appear as well, though his future is in doubt now. A handful of others, like Big Ryck, Ivelisse, and Hernandez may be familiar as well. But don’t look past those who haven’t appeared much before on American TV. Wrestlers like Pentagon Jr, Prince Puma, Fenix, and many others are have some great matches on Lucha Underground.

The show is definitely worth checking out, and having it and NXT on the same night makes Wednesdays the best night of the week for good wrestling.

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