Wrestlemania Preview: The Main Events

A quick note before going moving on to the most important matches at Wrestlemania. The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal was moved to the pre-show, so we can be pretty positive nothing cool will happen there. Also, Hideo Itami will be the NXT representative in the match, which is neat but rather nonessential. Anyways, on to the Main Events! Either one of these matches might go on last, though with Lesnar re-signing, it’s a safe bet the Title match gets top billing.

Sting vs. HHH.

I was ambivalent towards the build up until the most recent Raw, where Sting finally got a microphone and sold what this match was about. The narrative HHH was telling, about conquering the remnants of WCW, did nothing for me. And maybe it did nothing for other people, because Sting made it very clear it wasn’t about the past. He sold this match, and his desire to take down HHH. The most effective parts of this build have been the parts with Sting present. HHH hasn’t done as good a job as Bray in carrying a feud by himself with just promos.

But the build to the match is over, and now we have an actual wrestling contest to get to. This will be all spectacle. Sting hasn’t had a good match is something like 15 years. HHH can still go against someone like Daniel Bryan or Brock Lesnar, but can he carrying Sting to a Wrestlemania-caliber match? I’m more curious about the quality of this match then any other on the card. A great match here, and we might get a few more Sting dream matches. If the match doesn’t deliver, this could be Sting’s only match in the WWE.

On an aside, if HHH loses against Sting, the idea of him being a physical threat is going to lose some of its luster. He might need to beat a few smucks to get some mojo back, but hopefully that smuck isn’t Sting.

Prediction: Sting

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match – Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns.

I could probably write ten thousand words on this match. I’ll try to keep it less then that. Ever since the Royal Rumble, there have been two obvious points to make. One: Brock Lesnar is unstoppable. Two: Roman Reigns isn’t ready. Let’s take a look at both of those statements.

Brock Lesnar is unstoppable. He destroyed the Undertaker at last year’s Wrestlemania, ending The Streak. He destroyed John Cena in one of the most lopsided main events in history. During the excellent triple threat match at the Rumble, he took three Attitude Adjustments and a Curb Stomp, and was still the first person to make it to his feet. He has been made to look absolutely dominant.

Roman Reigns is not ready. He was boo’d out of the building at the Royal Rumble. Crowds remain mixed at best towards him, completely ambivalent at worse. He’s had only two singles matches on Pay Per View in his career. And we’re supposed to buy that he can main event Wrestlemania? I don’t buy it, and a large portion of the crowd doesn’t buy it either.

Before the new of Lesnar re-signing his contract, the outcome of this match seemed obvious. One way or another, Lesnar was not leaving with the belt. Whether is was Reigns winning clean, Heyman turning on Lesnar, or a Money in the Bank cash-in, Lesnar would go back to UFC without the WWE Heavyweight Title. But now things are different. Lesnar is signed for the next three years, and it would make a whole lot of sense for him to keep the belt.

Of course, you can’t put it past the WWE to stick with the original plan. I would not be surprised for Reigns to win clean with a spear. Disappointed certainly, but not surprised. The best thing about such a terrible idea will be the crowd reaction. The Wrestlemania crowd is full of the kind of fans that travel across the country to spend a lot of money watching wrestling. These fans don’t like Roman Reigns. If he wins, particularly if he wins without any shenanigans, the crowd will not be shy in showing its displeasure.

I could go through every possible scenario and try to predict reactions, but that would take more work than I really want to put into Roman Reigns. It’s nothing personal against Reigns, but I see nothing that separates him from a dozen other guys on the roster. Whereas Lesnar is special. Lesnar is a spectacle. Reigns can be special, but he’s got a ways to go. The best thing to do would be a Lesnar victory in a hard-hitting, competitive match that shows Reigns can hang with the best, but isn’t quite good enough yet.

Plus it might give Reigns some much needed humility.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar.


  1. I really hope Lesnar wins too. But what does this do for Reigns? He’s quickly built up to be a Wrestlemania main-eventer, doesn’t pull out the victory and then drops back to the rest of the pack? Sounds rough.

    My elaborate theory is that The Rock gets involved somehow. I know he was in New York tonight for SNL and Wrestlemania is across three time zones, but if he somehow interferes, maybe when there is a ref bump, and help Reigns steal the victory, that would turn Reigns and The Rock heel and turn Lesnar face, which is what the WWE apparently wants to do. The Rock vs Brock is Wrestlemania next year and Reigns can go lose the belt to Rollins.

    If Reigns wins, he can’t win clean. The fans won’t believe that to be possible.

    Enjoy Wrestlemania!


    1. The only way i see Reigns winning is by turning heel with Paul Heyman.

      The best thing for a face Reigns is to go to the midcard and have a series of good matches and work his way back up. Get some solid victories, build up his move set a bit more, have an actual storyline or two that might get the fans behind him. Then at a future PPV, he can challenge Lesnar and get a win back.

      Next week I intend to go over some future scenarios for everyone once Wrestlemania and Raw are in the books.

      You too, it should be a good show, but the ending can make or break it.

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      1. That does make sense. I remember something Heyman said in a promo just after the Royal Rumble. He made a quick comment like “Rollins is the future but the future doesn’t happen until I say it does” or something that gave the sense that he might turn on Brock. We haven’t seen anything lately, but I remember that moment.


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