State of WWE

We’re going to start with the big one. World Wrestling Entertainment, what people think of when they think “professional wrestling.” WWE is in a weird. They have arguable the most talented roster in it’s entire history, yet a lot of the time the product is borderline unwatchable. When they want to, WWE can produce the best wrestling in the world, but it seems like they are more interested in stupid skits, repeating matches, and telling the fans they are wrong.

The Royal Rumble 2015 was the WWE is a microscope. A third of the card was inoffensive filler, a third was the best match of the year so far, and a third was the company telling the fans to sit down and shut up. How did the same company gave us the amazing triple threat match for the WWE title follow that up with one of the worst Royal Rumble matches in history? I will never be able to figure it out. I could write angry words about the Royal Rumble for a long while, but the main problem was that it was boring. Just boring. It was so boring that it’s hard to believe it wasn’t boring on purpose, that maybe they hoped to lull the crowd to sleep so they wouldn’t boo Roman Reigns. I’m not sure if it’s better to believe that or to believe they’re incompetent.

On any given night, WWE can produce the best show in the world. Instead, they settle way too often on being boring. I imagine I’ll spend a lot of time here on this blog talking about the WWE, as they produce by far the most content of anyone. Five hours of TV a week, and the amazing WWE network, will give me plenty to talk about in the time to come.

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